Behind the Scenes: So hat die New York Times ihren Newsletter relauncht

New York Times Newsletter

Die New York Times hat bereits vor eini­gen Jahren damit begon­nen, das eigene Newsletter-Portfolio sys­te­ma­tisch aus­zu­bauen. Die Newsletter die­nen dabei nicht nur als Trafficlieferant für die eigene Website, son­dern wer­den als eigen­stän­dige jour­na­lis­ti­sche Produkte begrif­fen (mehr dazu: Mehr Reichweite und Öffnungsraten über 100%: So nutzt die New York Times Pop-Up Newsletter).

Jetzt bie­tet das NYT Open Team (“Sharing our sto­ries of making digi­tal pro­ducts at The New York Times”) span­nende Einblicke hin­ter die Kulissen: Wie läuft ein Newsletter-Relaunch bei der New York Times ab? 

Screenshot: Ein frü­her Prototyp des neuen Newsletterdesigns (Grafik: New York Times/ NYT Open auf

Die wich­tigs­ten Aspekte im Überblick:

  • We quickly rea­li­zed that the Morning Briefing is now one of the most-read touch-points for The Times. And so we star­ted thin­king about how we can match its ambi­tion, its scale and gene­ral excel­lence as a pro­duct to the huge new audience.
  • The rede­sign is about hier­ar­chy: which is the most important story that we want the rea­der to under­stand when they first wake up? What are the other con­den­sed and con­cise things they need to know, and how can they have a rich Times experience?
  • One other thing that’s been remar­kable about the pro­duct pro­cess: […] We’ve had daily mee­tings that have a really broad array of peo­ple in them. It’s super cross-functional, inclu­ding engi­nee­ring, pro­ject manage­ment, data insights, audi­ence insights and ever­yone on the pro­duct team, plus David and Adam. And those have just been unlike any­thing that I’ve done cross-functionally at The Times, in terms of the amount of open­ness to feed­back from other disciplines.
  • The other aspect that has been won­derful to see: the growth of people’s under­stan­ding of the cons­traints of email. We can’t do much with this medium. At first, the group’s sug­ges­ti­ons were quite pie in the sky and we couldn’t pos­si­bly build what was being asked. Now the group is pretty groun­ded and rea­li­stic. We can make small chan­ges with big impact.
  • We began the pro­to­type pro­cess back in the fall. Adam and his edi­tors would create a Google Doc, and it would design and delineate the big story, five smal­ler sto­ries and the list of delightful items that would fol­low. Working with Jeff Glendenning [crea­tive direc­tor for the Brand Identity team], we would take the Google Doc and set type. We’d print the pro­to­ty­pes out and tape them to the wall where Adam, Sam Dolnick [an assistant mas­thead edi­tor] and others could come and read and give comm­ents. We did this week over week.
  • I want some­thing that peo­ple look for­ward to ope­ning every mor­ning. Because it gives them the fee­ling that they are well infor­med about what’s going on in the broa­der world. And that by invi­ting us into their inbox every mor­ning, we can hold up our end of the bar­gain by never was­ting their time, by always tel­ling them an accu­rate story about what’s going on in the world, and that they create a lifel­ong rela­ti­onship with The Times. A New Look for ‘The Morning’ Newsletter

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