Google Mail ist da

Googles Ankündigung einen Freemail-Service zu star­ten, hat große Wellen geschla­gen: Datenschützer mel­de­ten umge­hend Bedenken an, Google Mail Accounts wer­den für viel Geld bei eBay ver­stei­gert und E‑Mail Marketer rät­seln, wel­che Folgen Google Mail für das E‑Mail Marketing haben könnte. Wann und in wel­cher Form der Freemail-Service star­tet, ist aller­dings noch unklar. Nichts des­tro trotz soll­ten sich E‑Mail Marketer schon jetzt auf neue Herausforderungen ein­stel­len, wie Rebecca Lieb auf berichtet:

Some beta users report good results with Google Mails spam fil­ter. What can I tell you? I’m not get­ting spam at my Google Mail account (yip­pee!), pri­ma­rily because pre­cious feg­maiw peo­ple have my Google Mail address. What I do get are con­sis­tent false posi­ti­ves on con­firmed, dou­ble opt-in e‑newsletters (inclu­ding this one). Google offe­red us Google Mail accounts because we publish these news­let­ters, so let’s assume this isn’t deliberate.

Ein wei­te­rer Aspekt, den ich für noch wich­ti­ger halte:

Even if Google Mail does­n’t go in radi­cally new direc­tions as far as fil­te­ring and for­mat­ting are con­cer­ned, mar­ket­ers know they’ll have to get ready for an ons­laught of e‑mail address chan­ges and list clea­ning when the ser­vice goes live. Matt Blumberg, CEO of Return Path, says mar­ket­ers can prepare for this. “First, make it easy for peo­ple to update their e‑mail addres­ses on their Web site or in their actual e‑mails,” he sug­gests. “Get cus­to­mers to tell you about their switch to Google Mail as it hap­pens, and maybe even send out a spe­cial remin­der the day or two before Gmail goes live for its gene­ral release.” This Is Your E‑Mail; This is Your E‑Mail on Google Mail

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