E‑Mail Marketing im Jahr 2028

In der schnell­le­bi­gen Online-Branche sind Vorhersagen für das nächste Jahr schon recht gewagt… Mark Brownlow von Email Marketing Reports hin­dert das nicht daran, sogar ein Ausblick auf das E‑Mail Marketing im jahr 2028 (!) zu ver­öf­fent­li­chen. Ein paar Highlights:

  • Online inte­gra­tion now means you get a text mes­sage on your mobile tel­ling you to check email for a note aler­ting you to a wall post on Facebook informing you of a chat mes­sage from a fri­end who has lost your phone number.
  • At least one news head­line decla­res that “email is dead,” while indus­try com­men­ta­tors com­plain that email has the hig­hest ROI of all direct response media but still isn’t get­ting the bud­get it deserves.
  • 40% of retail­ers do not design their emails for blo­cked holo­grams. Recipients sim­ply see a spin­ning red cross accom­pa­nied by a secu­rity warning.
  • The Yahoo Live Google Mail New! web­mail inter­face blocks images, blacks out text, hides the sen­der name, dele­tes the sub­ject line and issues a strong secu­rity war­ning on all inco­ming emails that are­n’t in a paid cer­ti­fi­ca­tion program…run by Yahoo Live Google Mail.

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