MarketingSherpa: Die Take Aways des Email Summits

MarketingSherpa hat die acht wich­tigs­ten Take Aways des Email Marketing Summits ver­öf­fent­licht, der kürz­lich in Miami statt­fand. Auf der Veranstaltung wur­den unter ande­rem die Themen Segmentierung, Web 2.0, Integration, Trigger Mails und inter­na­tio­na­les E‑Mail Marketing behandelt.

In aller Kürze:

  1. You can rise above email clutter
  2. Target your mea­su­re­ment and test­ing acti­vity on actionable data
  3. Segmentation data is at your fin­ger­tips – use it!
  4. Keep moving toward trig­ge­red email
  5. Highlight email’s cross-channel impact
  6. Make email work in tan­dem with Web 2.0 and user-generated content
  7. Respect your inter­na­tio­nal audience
  8. Email and email mar­ket­ers are poi­sed for an expan­ded role

Der lesens­werte aus­führ­li­che Bericht: Email Summit Wrap-Up Report: 8 Takeaways on Segmentation, Triggered Campaigns, Web 2.0 Integration and More

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