MarketingSherpa: Deutlich höhere Conversion Rate mit seg­men­tier­ten Kampagnen

MarketingSherpa hat mal wie­der eine lesens­werte Case Study, die ein­drucks­voll auf­zeigt, dass Segmentierungsstrategien im E‑Mail Marketing zu deut­lich bes­se­ren Resultaten füh­ren können:

Over time, sen­ding gene­ral emails to an entire data­base can erode results. However, many mar­ket­ers con­ti­nue to do this, because they’re unsure of how to move bey­ond “batch and blast” prac­ti­ces to a more tar­ge­ted approach.

Yet, this change can be easier than you might expect. See how a mar­ke­ting team from one e‑commerce com­pany sel­ec­ted a high-value seg­ment, sent a tar­ge­ted offer, and saw con­ver­sion rates jump by 208%. You will also learn which seg­ment the mar­ket­ers chose, and how they craf­ted a strong offer. Email Marketing: 208% hig­her con­ver­sion rate for tar­ge­ted emails over batch-and-blast

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