Wie man wirk­lich gute E‑Mails schreibt…

.…ver­rät B2B Online in dem Artikel “How to create e‑mails people love to read”:

1. They don’t adver­tise foot­balls in Sports Illustrated. […] Write anews­let­ter that gets the atten­tion of your rea­ders, even ifit’s not directly rela­ted to what you sell. As long as people are­rea­ding the e‑mail, you can find ple­nty of ways to adver­tise yourproducts.

2. Be fast. The “Daily News Alert” e‑mail is a provenwinner-if you’ve got real, fresh, new infor­ma­tion to share. If you sendout old head­lines, you’ll be a daily annoyance. […] 

3. Summarize. Some of the best news­let­ters are jus­thead­lines and sum­ma­ries of sto­ries on other Web sites. Done well, thes­e­can be a sub­stan­tive source of infor­ma­tion with rela­tively little work.Keep it rele­vant and cur­rent to become the first stop in the in-box.

4. Send sur­veys and stats.

5. Make it feel exclusive.

6. Send regu­lar reminders.

7. Use con­fir­ma­tion messages.

8. Be different.

9. Turn pro­mo­tion into content.

10. Be funny.

B2B Online: How to create e‑mails people love to read (Link inaktiv)

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