Seth Godin: E‑Mail Marketing is breat­hing its last

Jetzt hat es auch den Permission Marketing-Guru Seth Godin erwischt: Sein (natür­lich erwünsch­ter) Newsletter lan­dete im Yahoo-Spamordner. Godin glaubt, dass E‑Mail Marketing am Ende ist:

A friend was che­cking his email on Yahoo yes­ter­day, and he acci­dent­ally hit the Spam Folder button.

Up pop­ped a list of 1,232 soon to be dele­ted pie­ces of spam. The first one? An announ­ce­ment from me that I had emai­led to my super-permissioned email list. This is a list of people that has never been ren­ted, sold, har­ve­s­ted, com­pi­led or mes­sed with in any way. By any definitionGod of spam (except of the one that mat­ters… Yahoo’s) this is not spam. But they say it is, so it is.

I’m not annoyed at their fil­ter or even at the situa­tion. I am disap­poin­ted, though, that spam­mers have had such an impact that email mar­ke­ting (or even email noti­fi­ca­tion of free online con­tent with no money invol­ved) is breat­hing its last. (…)

Godins Fazit:

RSS can’t come a moment too soon. It’s become more and more clear to me over the last five years that email is simul­ta­ne­ously too power­ful (people who read it jump) and too weak (spam­mers have trai­ned us not to read it) to last for much lon­ger. (Seths Godin’s Blog)

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