LiveIntent lie­fert orts­be­zo­gene E‑Mail-Anzeigen aus

LiveIntent hat sich auf die Optimierung von Anzeigen in E‑Mails spe­zia­li­siert. ClickZ schreibt über das Start Up:

A New York City startup has deve­lo­ped a ser­vice that deli­vers adver­ti­sing crea­tive in an e‑mail mar­ke­ting mes­sage on the fly — depen­ding on when or where it’s opened.

“It gives you the mes­sage you are sup­po­sed to get right now,” Dave Hendricks, chief ope­ra­ting offi­cer, LiveIntent, said in an inter­view. “If the offer or mes­sage was for one thing [pro­duct or ser­vice] on Tuesday and it’s inva­lid by Thursday, we’re not going to send you crea­tive” for Tuesday’s offer, he said.

E‑mail mar­ke­ters also have the option to deli­ver adver­ti­sing crea­tive based on a subscriber’s loca­tion when she opens an e‑mail. LiveIntent’s geo-targeting ser­vice uses the subscriber’s IP address to iden­tify loca­tion, accord­ing to Hendricks. “Geo tar­ge­ting is not as accu­rate today as say, GPS. It works really well at the DMA level, not at the Zip+4 level,” he exp­lai­ned in a fol­low up e‑mail, refer­ring to desi­gna­ted mar­ket areas. E‑mail Marketing Tool Changes Ads Based on Location, Time

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