Aufgepasst: Outlook 2007 und HTML-Mails

Mit der Einführung von Micorosofts Outlook 2007 kom­men neue Herausforderungen auf E‑Mail Marketer zu, wie in einem Artikel auf SitePoint Tech Times zu lesen ist:

(…) But late last month, a thread in
the SitePoint Forums
caught my eye. Microsoft had published a pair of
describ­ing the sup­port for HTML and CSS in Outlook 2007, and
the news was­n’t good:

“Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 uses the HTML par­sing and
ren­de­ring engine from Microsoft Office Word 2007 to dis­play HTML message
bodies. The same HTML and cas­ca­ding style sheets (CSS) sup­port available
in Word 2007 is available in Outlook 2007.”

The limi­ta­ti­ons impo­sed by Word 2007 are descri­bed in detail in the
article, but here are a few highlights:

  • no sup­port for back­ground images (HTML or CSS)
  • no sup­port for forms
  • no sup­port for Flash, or other plugins
  • no sup­port for CSS floats
  • no sup­port for repla­cing bul­lets with images in unor­de­red lists
  • no sup­port for CSS positioning
  • no sup­port for ani­ma­ted GIFs

Bei der Darstellung von HTML-Mails ist Outlook 2007 laut dem Autor auf dem glei­chen Level wie Lotus Notes und Eudora anzusiedeln:

Not only that, but this new ren­de­ring engine isn’t any bet­ter than that
which Outlook pre­viously used?indeed, it’s far worse. With this
release, Outlook drops from being one of the best cli­ents for HTML email
sup­port to the level of Lotus Notes and Eudora, which, in the
words of Campaign Monitor’s David Grenier
, “are serial killers
making our email design lives hell.”

(Via No man is an iland: Outlook 2007 mes­ses with your HTML emails)

Lösungen? Der Autor rät, HTML-Newsletter in Zukunft noch simp­ler auf­zu­bauen und eine Textversion anzu­bie­ten. Zudem stellt Microsoft einen Outlook 2007 HTML and CSS Validator als Download bereit.

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