E‑Mail Marketing Case Study: Farm Boy Inc.

Heidi Anderson von Clickz.com berich­tet über den Newsletter von Farm Boy Inc und nennt vier Punkte, die ihr an die­sem Newsletter beson­ders gut gefallen:

  • Consistent bran­ding. Each issue car­ries the same reco­gnizable logo at the top and uses a con­sis­tent color scheme and lay­out. Date and issue infor­ma­tion are lis­ted at the top, rein­for­cing the mate­rial is up to date and relevant.
  • Useful con­tent for the reci­pi­ent. Each issue includes weekly spe­cials, recipes, cou­pons, and other inte­res­t­ing con­tent. Plus, newer issues of the news­let­ter include a fea­ture cal­led My Shopping List. Members can create and print a list of favo­rite products.
  • Useful content/feedback for Farm Boy. Most issues con­tain a Quick Poll. This issue’s quick poll asks what the shopper’s prio­rity is when buy­ing fruits and vege­ta­bles. Farm Boy uses that data to pro­vide shop­pers with more desi­ra­ble products.
  • Multi-format option. All sub­scri­bers have a text-only e‑mail option. If a sub­scri­ber is set up for text-only, the soft­ware is able to sniff it out (i.e., each reci­pi­ent recei­ves the for­mat the e‑mail cli­ent is set to receive). Cardcommunications esti­ma­tes 95 per­cent or so can view HTML.

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